DJs & ​Show Hosts:
Please fill out the form to the left every time you confirm a guest appearance on your show. If you have more than one guest separate them with a comma. Results will show within 5 to 10 minutes on the "Upcoming Live Guests" page, and will help us to promote each others shows. You should also refer to this table when booking guests in order to prevent guests from appearing on more than one show within that week
No more than 4 persons (including you) in the control room at a time. Read the Studio Rules.
Studio Shows:
Only one performing guest or band per show

Once you've booked your guest, send the
WCHQ Guest Rules to them, or copy and paste the dialogue of it into an email and get confirmation that your guest has read these rules.

If you find you cannot make it to the studio for a scheduled shift, please try to find another staff member to to act as a sub. Post about it on the WCHQ Staff Facebook Page.
​ If you can't find a sub,
​please let Kathy know.

Links for staff:

Soundfiles require a password. It is the same as the new door code.
​Ask Kathy if you need it.